Idea Analysis

Your idea is where everything begins, and we feel that it deserves all the time it needs to mature into something doable. At Meraki, when we receive an app idea we make sure to discuss all the aspects of it. We investigate if the idea is technically and functionally possible. We judge it in app-making parameters to see if it is well thought-through and can be transformed into something worthwhile.

Amazing ideas can turn into trashy apps due to negligence at some points, while trashy ideas can turn into amazing apps if done right. We know how things can turn around for good or bad in no time; this is why in-depth idea analysis is a huge step towards a successful app.


Market Analysis

Once we get done with the first phase of ideation, we move towards Market Analysis. In this phase we try and find out if there is a market for the idea we are working on. For that we need to answer questions like: ‘what new the app is going to bring in?’ or ‘what problem is it solving?’. Furthermore, during market analysis we often get to find out how rare or common a concept is and then determine how large or small the market is for the given app.

Market analysis helps us in launching something that’s in demand or will become a favorite. It is an aspect to look at the idea through the market’s lens.

Competitive Analysis

The fact is - most of the app ideas are already taken. To find out if the given idea is also one of those we do a competitive analysis. In this phase we find out if there are any existent competitive/similar apps. If the results say that the idea is not new or unique, we will measure the amount of competition there is to face.

Competitive analysis implies an in-depth research on our competitors and finding out ways to beat them at something to get our share of users.


Target Audience Analysis

After knowing the length and width of our competition, we head towards the next step. Target audience analysis helps us understand our users. With the help of both market and competitive analysis, we already know that there is a certain segment of audience that is interested in such ideas. But we need to study the audience better to launch an app they really want.

Target audience analysis mainly involves studying the following about the determined users: their age group, their behavior towards mobile apps, how much will they be willing to pay for an app and so on. This helps us in working on a user-centric approach while eliminating grey spaces and filling the gaps left/overlooked by our competitors. And in the long-run, it can help us in devising marketing campaigns tailored especially for our target audience and maximizing our potential of gaining as many users as possible.